A: Alumni or the public are welcome to use our facilities for the advancements of our local, technological, industrial and academic communities.
A: U3DP encourages students and staff to innovate and incubate. Individual staff and student can ask for our service for his/her personal interest and he/she will be asked to sign an undertaking acknowledging the 3D printed product/part will not be used for commercial purpose and all IP generated from the product/part shall belong to PolyU. All charges incurred will be borne by the individual staff or student.
A: It is not totally necessary; however proper acknowledgement should be stated in your research/study output.
A: The charges are based on the resources used in accomplishing the jobs.
A: It varies greatly from job to job and also depends on the actual loading of the U3DP. Some models require longer printing time or complex post-processing treatment which can all affect the lead time. Prior consultation with us would help to clarify the delivery lead time and give you a better planning on your project or research.