The U3DP aims at providing all-round support for PolyU staff, researchers and students in applying various types of 3D printing technologies to excel their research works and academic study.

3D Printing has become a major research area for academic due to its applications in almost any disciplines. Here below are some research areas/papers made by PolyU academic.

No. Publish Year Research Area / Paper Contributing Department
1 2018 Double-Cavity-Enhanced Optical Fiber Photothermal Gas Sensors PolyU EE
2 2018 Novel Bio-based Anti-bacterial Textiles for Healthcare Applications PolyU ITC
3 2018 Intelligent Indoor Cultivation System PolyU ITC
4 2018 Establishment of Vascular Aging Model for Drug Screening PolyU BME
5 2018 Craft-Tech: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Technology Integration via Craft for Interactive Texiles PolyU ITC
6 2018 Evaluation and Enhancement of Thermal and Mechanical Performance of Posture Correction Girdle for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) PolyU ITC
7 2018 Selection from the Hong Kong Stair Archive- Central and Western District Stair Typologies PolyU SD
8 2018 Ergonomic Design of Supportive Moulded Bras PolyU ITC
9 2018 The development and application of 3D printed pressure mask system on management of hypertrophic scar PolyU RS
10 2018 Strectchable 3D Printign Looping Stitches PolyU ITC
11 2017 Study on Vibration Isolation and Control Methods by Exploiting Nonlinear Benefits PolyU ME
12 2017 Functional Intimate Apparel for Adolescents with Early Scoliosis PolyU ITC
13 2017 Additive Manufacturing of Cobalt-Based Organic Ferromagnetic Materials PolyU ISE
14 2017 Relationships between Outdoor and Personal Exposure of Carbonaceous Species and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) at Hong Kong PolyU CEE
15 2017 Current Status and Opportunities of Organic Thin-Film Transistor Technologies PolyU APMRC
16 2017 Disruptive Technologies and Education: Is There Any Disruption After All? PolyU SD
17 2016 A novel design of wearable thermoelectric generator based on 3D fabric structure PolyU ITC
18 2017 Numerical and experimental investigation of a six DOF scaled model of a swimmer posed in streamlined posture PolyU
19 2016 Dielectrophoresis-induced Cell Patterning Using a New PLA Scaffold made by 3D Printing PolyU ME
20 2016 Optical 3D μ-printing of ferrule-top polymer suspended-mirror devices PolyU EIE
21 2016 3D-printed millifluidic chip for synthesising plasmonic semiconductor nanocrystals as sensors substrate PolyU ISE
22 2016 Handbook of Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing -Carbon Footprint Assessment of Additive Manufacturing: Flat and Curved Layer-by-Layer Approaches PolyU ISE
23 2016 A design and evaluation tool using 3D head templates PolyU SD
24 2016 Direct optical patterning of poly(dimethylsiloxane) microstructures for microfluidic chips PolyU
25 2016 Energy component in the density of selective laser melting fabricated prototype PolyU ISE
26 2016 Rehabilitation of activities of daily living in virtual environments with intuitive user interface and force feedback PolyU SN
27 2016 Effect of preheat and layer thickness on selective laser melting (SLM) of magnesium PolyU ISE
28 2016 Magnetoelectric intrinsic gradiometer with high detection sensitivity and ambient noise rejection PolyU EE

All PolyU staff and students are welcome to use our facilities and technologies to excel their research work and projects. Talk to us and explore how 3D Printing can be applied in your research work and projects.